Shiv Shakti Jyotish and Astrologer Consultant in Central India.

Founded in year 1975 by Pandit Devi Lal ji Joshi in Rajhasthan & Gujrat, Astrology blends science and intuition, magic and mathematics, cycles and symbols. It focuses on planets and their seasons, and planets are real. .Your astrology chart or your horoscope is your personal map, calculated using the date and time you were born from the perspective of your birth location.

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Padmavati Yantra


Padmavati Yantra. worship of Sri Padmavati yantra and recitation of Sri Padmavati mantra brings wealth , better finances , success in family business and protection from Over-spending .Jainese also worship Goddess Padmavati as Padmavati mata.



A Vashikaran Yantra using Sindoor for controling wayward husband

Baglamukhi Sabs Yantra


Baglamukhi Yantra Every one is aware of shabar mantras and their power and if it is the shabar mantra of ma baglamukhi then words become less to say anything about it’s power.

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